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Heston Primary School

I have worked with Laidlaw Support teacher for over a year. We have found the support Jane offers for the most complex children outstanding. She is truly inspirational for TAs to work with and she has trained TAs and supported them in delivering intervention across the school. She offers training to assist TAs and teachers in understanding the most needy pupils and what their possible barriers are. She has completed a range of learning assessments in order to give us a full and rounded picture of what children's barrier s are. The reports generated have assisted us in applying for EHCPs and have provided a clear set of objectives and ideas to move learning forward and close the gap for our vulnerable learners. I highly recommend this service.

Testimonial 1 - K.A., Wimbledon

I am so delighted to have discovered Laidlaw. Up to now my daughter has had to fit uncomfortably into school but here her programme is designed around her educational requirements.

Testimonial 2 - M.W., Chiswick

Having sent my son to Laidlaw in the very late stages of his GCSEs I was understandably concerned that this might affect his performance in exams. My concern largely stemmed from the fact that my son is dyslexic and mildly dyspraxic and really struggles with anything associated to the school environment. After a month at Laidlaw I was surprised to hear my son actually say he liked it!!! Even more shocking was his announcement that he was enjoying the work and actually understood what he was learning . This came from a boy who constantly told me he hated school.

6 months son is more confident has a better understanding of what he is learning. His words to me not so long ago were, If I could choose a learning environment it would always be Laidlaw. The teachers are really nice and really help me. For the first time in my school life I hear teachers say good things to me. The last 6 months at Laidlaw have been the happiest of my school life.

Testimonial 3 - K.R, East Sheen

Our son Thomas was in dire need of specialist teaching due to his dyslexia and dysgraphia. We were approaching the end of Year 5 with a mixture of confusion and fear what Year 6 will bring. Thomas could hardly produce legible script, his spelling was very poor, he struggled with concentration and his self-esteem was deeply affected.

It was Sue's advice to organize Thomas's learning during school hours, in one block, therefore minimizing distractions and creating perfect, focused environment for his needs. Her team of specialist teachers approached him with confidence, great patience and belief that he will succeed. After seven months of English, handwriting and touch typing he is a transformed boy. His script has improved beyond our hopes, his spelling is becoming accurate and he is actually able to retain it and use it in creative writing. Suprisingly, all the marks in other subjects improved as well. He can now read and follow instructions, organize his work independently and developed the habit of regular practise and revision. He is a bubbly, confident boy with "I can do it" attitude, who finally knows what success in English feels like. He takes a particular pride in his touch typing skills. To top it all, he got into a good secondary school! We are thrilled and amazed what good teaching and lots of individual attention can achieve.

Testimonial 4 - S.S, East Sheen

Dealing with severe Dyslexia was really tough for my bright young son. Why could other kids achieve so much with a pencil and a piece of paper when he could not create the same letters and shapes as them let alone place them in an order that made any sense? His route was simply to avoid writing. Parents evenings came and went with empty text books neatly arranged in his tray, additional support from the school was increased but by year 4 of primary school his lack of written ability was not just alarming us his parents but having a profound effect on our sons happiness.

Turning to additional tutoring outside of school seemed our only answer, while other parents were warming their kids up for the 11+ and entrance exams, we were trying to master the difference between a 'b' and a 'd'. We had a son who was repeatedly in tears when it came to simple homework and felt like banging his head on the desk the whole time because his brain wouldn't work and his head felt like it was going to explode. Measuring 98/99 on the intelligence percentile, our son at 8 could clearly recognise he had problems and we were desperate for support to guide him through his torment.

Finding Camilla at Laidlaw Education was a massive break though. Twice a week he had one-on-one tuition with someone who was not just there to get marks on a page but who could council and understand everything he was going through. This was a massive turning point and gave our boy the confidence to have a go, no matter how badly words were spelt and to be able to laugh at his own failings. Like when he got 1 out of 50 in a year 5 spelling test and we all went out and celebrated.

Tutoring continued until he left Primary school and I'm delighted to say that he managed to get into a great school which he loves and has just come equal top of year in science and is top group maths. Literacy is still a massive challenge for him (and always will be) but he's happy, engaged and achieving beyond our wildest dreams. For this reason I am so delighted we had the support of Sue and her team (24/7) and have no hesitation in recommending her to others.