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..Here at Laidlaw Hall our chief aim is to offer children the support they need to fulfil their potential in school. We believe that your school is the best possible place for children to receive the highest quality teaching and learning experiences. This is why we want to work in partnership with you, rather than in isolation as an additional extra. We know from talking to schools and parents that the demand for one-to-one specialist support is increasing. We are acutely aware of how incredibly difficult this is to manage in a busy classroom, with an increasingly demanding curriculum. We are also aware that after school tutoring is not always effective when children are tired at the end of a long day and there is no co-ordination between teachers and parents (who know the children best) and their tutors.

What we offer is a chance to combine our talents and work together to meet the needs of our pupils. We very much value your in-depth understanding of students and your insights into their strengths and weaknesses. After listening carefully to your advice, we will carry out some additional diagnostic assessments if necessary before designing an individually tailored programme in consultation with you, the pupil and his or her parents. We can work with the children during the day in our bright and modern classroom at times to suit you - for as many or as few hours as are required. We will send regular email updates of children's progress and to check if skills are being transferred to the classroom. At all stages we will welcome your feedback on how we can improve our provision to maximise the children's learning in school.

Read our testimonials from schools we have worked with who have found their children thrive with our co-ordinated approach.